IES are able to offer full design of all of our services backed by our PI Insurance policy.
Our engineers have built up a wealth of experience in the Building Services Sector and are able to offer bespoke design solutions to suit the most varied requirement.
We utilise full Computer aided design and drawing packages in preparation of all designs.

We are environmental engineers and endeavour to offer solutions that reduce your carbon footprint even if this is not the initial design concept. This policy is backed by calculations to show how the energy reduction may impact future use or expenditure.

We can offer independent advice, as we are not tied to any single manufacturer, however we only work with the best brands, giving you peace of mind and the longest warranty period that such manufacturers offer as policy.

Our design will start with an assessment of the area to determine the works requirements set out against either your specification or preferences. We will then build a design that takes into account any specific building issues the area may have and ensure that the outcome is not only aesthetically pleasing but fit for purpose and will stand the test of time.

We look at what different types of systems or equipment can offer when considering your needs. We review energy efficiency, assessing the balance between the initial cost and life cycle costs. Budgets are often a consideration, and we can frequently give customers options to choose from.

As stated, meeting your environmental requirements is upper most on our agenda and looking at adopting renewable energy solutions will be considered. Many systems can adopt low / zero carbon technologies to reduce your carbon impact further as well as increase the percentage of renewable energy used by you.